Separately Managed Account - Public

Portland Investment Counsel Inc. Public Separately Managed Account

A Portland Public Separately Managed Account offers a traditional approach to a separately managed account where clients have access to professionally managed portfolios that solely contain public securities. Investors can access the Public Separately Managed Account through their financial advisors.

Portland Investment Counsel Inc. currently offers two public portfolios in its Public Separately Managed Account Program - Portland Advantage Equity and Portland Global Equity. The standard minimum investment size into Portland’s Public Separately Managed Account Program is $100,000.

Portland Advantage Equity

The mandate of Portland Advantage Equity is to provide above-average long-term total returns by investing primarily in a focused number of larger capitalization Canadian and U.S. listed equities that the Manager believes offers longer-term growth opportunities and value at a reasonable price. It is to provide capital growth and income while moderating the volatility of equities by investing in a portfolio of equities/ADRs and which may include ETFs. A current strategy of the mandate is to invest in the financial services sector including insurance, securities brokering, banking and wealth management.

Portland Global Equity

The mandate of Portland Global Equity is focused primarily on a portfolio of global dividend paying equities. A current strategy is to invest in common shares of large global companies with attractive dividend-paying ratios and a strong pedigree of increasing dividends over the long term; selection includes equities listed as members of the S&P Europe 350 Dividend Aristocrats, the S&P 500® Dividend Aristocrats, the S&P Pan Asia Dividend Aristocrats and the S&P /TSX Dividend Aristocrats.

Potential Benefits of a Public Separately Managed Account vs. Traditional Mutual Funds
  • Minimize capital gains tax liability through the selective realization of gains and losses
  • Lack of embedded capital gains. If an investor purchases a mutual fund with capital gains realized to date then there is an underlying tax liability that the investor is buying into from transactions that occurred prior to purchasing the fund
  • Transparency since portfolio holdings are available all the time instead of periodically with traditional mutual funds
  • Potential for lower expenses versus traditional mutual funds
  • No limit on withdrawals or redemptions assuming agreed minimum account balances are maintained
  • No fees on withdrawals or redemptions in comparison to traditional mutual funds
  • Potentially less portfolio turnover then a traditional mutual fund


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